Mixtape No. 309

FourNine 肆壹九(feat. 张蒙) – God Will Put Shackles On Your Feet (Chongqing/Self-Released)

GaiWaEr 街娃 – 这件事很奇怪 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

Return The Truth – Everything’s ****ed (Beijing/Real Deal Records)

HawkSally萨利大盗 – My Girls’ve Been Gone (Beijing/Self-Released)

Wrong Soldiers 顛倒兵士 – Modern Cowboy Song (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Double Happiness 囍适 – 宇宙三舰客 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Rice Eggplant 米茄子 – 女生你可以自私一点 (Ningbo/Self-Released)

Tigerish Raider 奇袭翠虎团 – Why?No! (Jiaxing/Self-Released)

New School Punk 新学校废物合唱团 – 爱怎么就怎么 (Beijing/Self-Released)

N95 – 喂狗 (Shanxi/Self-Released)

H.Z.T 灰汁团 – 全宇宙我最爱你 (Ningbo/Self-Released)

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