Mixtape No. 304

Floating in the Mist 悬在雾中 – 趣多多 (Dalian/Cold Neo 口鸟音乐)

Solid Liqui  固体李逵 – Miss Combo (Shanghai/Spacefruity Records)

Landfills 堆填区 – 她解脱了 (Guangzhou/麦田音乐)

PartySpy 派对间谍 – Paradise of Gold 香格里拉的后门 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

Flip House- Paper Bag (feat. Rachel McInerney) (Shanghai/Self-Released)

ShowHand 梭哈 – 谁会喜欢碰你肩膀 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Ambulance of Love 爱的急救车 – Tough Bro 大哥 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Hardcore Raver in Tears 白纸扇 – Last Mile (Gang of Four cover) (Wuhan/Gill Music)

Deep Water – 优美加那一哦 (YangJi Cover) (Chengdu/Ruby Eyes Records)

Richard D. – To Be Another (Chengdu/Self-Released)

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