Mixtape No. 302

Sleeping Dogs – Homeless Dog (Beijing/Eating Music)

Voision Xo 喜辰晨 – Wolverine (Silent Chaos) (Shanghai/JZ Music)

IZ – Aⱪen 阿肯 (LIVE) (Beijing/Old Heaven Books)

WuTiaoRen 五条人-Surprise (Guangzhou/Modern Sky)

Li Xingyu 李星宇 – 未知的土地 (Beijing/Stallion Era 战马时代)

YEHAIYAHAN-小雨 (Shanghai/演耳文化传播)

The Jade-Breaking Plan For Liberty 唯利玉碎计划 – 启示录 (Chengdu/Ruby Eyes Records)

Aming Liang 阿鸣 – 半个东湖 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

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