Mixtape No. 301

Cocoonics – Can I Still Lay My Hope In This Bed?仲可唔可以寄希望于呢张床 (Shanghai/Eating Music)

Cvalda – The Roller (Chengdu/Out of Fashion Boys)

Faceless – For Once I Was the Hero (Shanghai/VOLT)

Simon Frank – Reduce (Beijing/Absurd TRAX)

SHAO – Drifting (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Knopha (Yu Su Remix)- Xiu (宫廷 Version) (Xiamen/Bie)

TingTing 彭喜悦 – 木寸 (Shanghai/Eating Music)

Shii – Night Dive 夜潜 (Wuhan/网易云音乐)

Purple Key – Planet 309 (Guangzhou/GZUG)

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