Mixtape No. 300

The Pulsar 脉冲星 – Guns Never Lie 真心话大冒险 (Chongqing/Self-Released)

Lur: – Anti Sun (Xi’an/Self-Released)

Stick Xiaoming Again And Again反复攻击小明 – 社会不需要进步 (Hangzhou/Dying Art Productions)

Deprive – CR VR (Beijing/Dying Art Productions)

CAR CAR CARS – Punk Song (Changsha/Self-Released)

Miss Mix – Be My Friend (Beijing/Self-Released)

Chaos Kills the Pain 混乱止痛 – 孤独的恒星 (Beijing/Self-Released)

6501 – 赞 (Urumqi/Modern Sky)

Nine Treasures 九宝 – 骏马赞 (Beijing/Self-Released)

MegaSoul 萬重 – 萬 (Beijing/北京音果万象传媒有限公司)

YunJing 云镜 – 白色壁虎 (Xiamen/Self-Released)

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