Mixtape No. 298

TOW – If I’m in Love with You (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

Wasted Laika 丢莱卡 – 庞贝影子舞 (Beijing/Tai He)

Contraceptive Yogurt 避孕酸奶 – 掠食行动 (Aba/Self-Released)

Kṣitigarbha地藏 – Cold Blooded Murder 冷血杀手 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

springiscoming 虎啸春 – 捂住你的嘴 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Mad Mountain 麦德山 – 金刚铠甲 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Oh! Dirty Fingers 脏手指 – Mazel Tov (Shanghai/Self-Released)

THE BOOTLEGS 靴腿 – 小孩儿 (Qingdao/Self-Released)

Wu Wei 吴维 – Longtou Mountain Corridor 龙头山长廊 (Wuhan/Maybe Mars)

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