Mixtape No. 292

HAO付豪 – Rosy Boy 男孩与玫瑰(Beijing/智慧小狗)
RollingZoos – LOTTE (Hangzhou/Self-Released)
FancyWall 花墙 – Crimson California (Beijing/Self-Released)
Double 大布偶 (feat. 曾雪雅,Foggi Ra¥) – You make me fire (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Tidal Pool Blue 潮池蓝 – 黑夜坠入她的瞳孔 (Hefei/讯飞音乐)
GuChao 古潮 – 影 (Beijing/Self-Released)
Xiao Mou 小缪 – 我恨冬天 (Hangzhou/Self-Released)
THE ONE 玩儿 – 雨中的窗台 (Wuhan/Wuhan Prison Records)

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