Mixtape No.290

Backspace 退格 – 大象宝藏 (Beijing/Maybe Mars)
Tragedy Medication 悲剧药方 – 原罪 (Sanya/Self-Released)
The Fallacy 疯医 – 回声之丘 (Xinxiang/Modern Sky)
Mind Freek – 紫罗兰与旧少年 (Kunming/Self-Released)
Late Troubles x Broken Thoughts – A Good Day Song (Kunming x USA/Merrie Records)
Heisenberg Trouble 海森堡的烦恼 – No future (x/Self-Released)
Pillow Case 枕头盒子 – Education (Hangzhou/Self-Released)
Sparrow 文雀 – 伏 (Beijing/Modern Sky)

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