Mixtape No.288

The Twenties – Alarming Situation (Beijing/Self-Released)
PartySpy 派对间谍- Stage Plays 舞台剧 (Chengdu/Self-Released)
Lost Salt 失联盐分 – 失重 ((Nantong/Self-Released)
LongTravel 浪旅 – 20岁的礼物是一双鞋 (Chengdu/Self-Released)
Miss Question – 惯性失眠 (Kunming/WhatzMusic 瓦兹妙赞)
Young & Dumb 甜又丧 – Secret Lover 秘密爱人 (Xi’an/Self-Released)
Auburn 赤褐色 – 嗨!你还在吧 (Beijing/Self-Released)
Wufang 无方 – 厌倦了 (Qingdao/Self-Released)
Pizzaface披萨脸 (feat. 尕尔东) – BOMBCITY (Beijing/Self-Released)

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