Mixtape No. 281

8 Immortals Restaurant 八仙饭店  – Neon God 青少年哪吒 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Fxxk the Blade 日刀口乐队 – 我们帮你找你不对的点 (Dalian/Self-Released)

The Sino Hearts – Rock N’ Roll Hurricane (Beijing/Otitis Media Records)

Broken Shaft 断轴- Your Mistake (Lanzhou/.Self-Released)

An Empty City空城樂隊 – Monoliths (feat. Flin Wu) (Guangzhou/StarCluster Music)

BOMB GOLF 炸彈高爾夫 – !!DOKOMOKO (Tianjin/Self-Released)

Bewilder – Leaves  (feat.早餐 of 8:48) (Chengdu/Self-Released)

Hello Franky – Dream Eating Evil (Xinxiang/Self-Released)

CSBQ 暴青 – 自由列车 (Wuhan/Wuhan Prison Records)

Laisee 利事 – 流浪天涯 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Party Spy 派对间谍 – 纯洁爱人 (Chengdu/Rye Music) 

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