Mixtape No. 280

Shanghai Qiutian 上海秋天 – 张守望不想唱我们的歌 (Shanghai/Wild Records)
Sleep Leaps – Perfect Shelter (Chengdu/Rye Music)
The Pump – 雨衣杀手 (Hangzhou/StreetVoice)
Low Bow – I Don’t Think We’re Better Than This (Beijing/Self-Released)
LargeSleepingDog 大眠犬 – 明日乐园 (Changsha/Self-Released)
Sheep Count Sheep – We Share The Dream (Hangzhou/Self-Released)
Boss Cuts – The Song with No Name (Beijing/Self-Released)
Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店 – Hebei Ink Qilin 河北墨麒麟 (Shijiazhuang/Self-Released)

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