Mixtape No. 272

Shanghai Qiutian (feat.KT) – Barcelona at 5am 凌晨5點的巴塞羅那 (Shanghai/Wild Records)
Deep Water – 算了(Chengdu/Ruby Eyes Records)
Juju 踽 踽 – 要散步为时尚早 (Beijing/Merrie Records)
Suliao 塑料 – Wasted 浪费 (Kunming/Maybe Mars)
GOINDOWN – 黑夜里的光明 (Chengdu/Self-Released)
SiXi 肆囍 – Filter 过滤 (Nanjing/Self-Released)
Soaker Race 酒鬼赛车 – 6 Pounds (Beijing/Self-Released)
A World Elsewhere 他方世界 – 语沫 (Nanjing/StreetVoice)
Happy Wheel 海皮威尔 – Hoax 骗局 (Wuhan/White Cat Laundry)

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