Mixtape No.267


Bennu is a Heron – 告白 The Lovesong (Guangzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)
Round Eye – Pieces (Shanghai/Paper and Plastick)
Lur: – Under the Sang (Xi’an/Self-Released)
GaiWaEr 街娃 – Plastic Cat 塑料猫 (Chengdu/Self-Released)
Casino Demon – Pixels (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)
Rolling Bowling 旋转保龄 – 小菜 (Beijing/Modern Sky)
The Big Wave 大波浪 – Mickey (Beijing/Modern Sky)
Pizzaface披萨脸 – 如果有一天你被摇滚乐带走 (Beijing/Self-Released)
Curry 咖喱3000 – 太吵了 (Beijing/Rye Music)
Pinboard排插 – BYE BYE (Guangzhou/Self-Released)

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