Mixtape No.266


JMLF 积木立方 – 夏終遊樂場 (Suzhou/Self-Released)
Your Summer Dream (feat. Rye) – Another Kind of Distance (Switzerland x China/Letter Records)
Tidal Pool Blue 潮池蓝 – Can The Sun Be Blue? 太阳可以是蓝色吗 (Hefei/讯飞音乐)
Dionysian 酒神精神 – A Summer Tale (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Very Natural 非常大自然 – 粉の海 (Guangzhou/Self-Released)
DayDream 白日梦 – Farewell to Summer (Beijing/Self-Released)
MOONBAND悶餅 – Catherine (Zhaoqing/Rye Music)
Low Wormwood 低苦艾 – 怀抱吉他改变世界 (Lanzhou/Modern Sky)
Shanghai Qiutian 上海秋天 (feat. 心怡) – 月亮的另一边 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

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