Mixtape No.259

GuanXiaotian 管啸天- 单身派对 (Shanghai/Self-Released)
SMZB 生命之饼 – Man Jiang Hong 满江红 (Wuhan/Maybe Mars)
Underdog 败犬 – Black Sheep 黑羊 (Beijing/Ruby Eyes Records)
Sunken Boat 沉舟 – Slag Girl 绿茶妹妹 (Luoyang/Self-Released)
Riot in School 返校日 – 无门的房间 (Chengdu/Self-Released)
Banana Monkey 香蕉猴子 – Fancy Freak (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Zilu 子路 – 蛆虫 (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Landfills 堆填区 – Bedroom Revolution (Guangzhou/Rye Music)
TACO TUESDAY – Hard to Say (Shanghai/Self-Released)
Rustic – Wild Woman (RAK studio version) (Beijing/Maybe Mars)

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