Mixtape No. 238


gogoj – Namo 納嫫 (Beijing/Maybe Noise)

White Elephant 白象 – Chasing Game 躲猫猫 (Nanjing/Maybe Mars)

Wasted Laika 丢莱卡 – 绵羊骑士 (Beijing/Blinding Elephant)

Endless White 白百 – Best Wish 致亲爱的 (Wuhan/Ruby Eyes Records)

Silly Function – Rosa (Wuhan/VOX)

Poetry in Shorts 短裤里的诗歌 – Uncuff Me 放我走 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

RuMeng 如梦 – 窥伺着 (Wuhan/VOX)

Mirrors 解离的真实 (feat. Klaus Bru) – 顶一顶 (Shanghai/Ruby Eyes Records)

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