Mixtape No. 208

The Molds – 乡愁 (Beijing/SpaceFruityRecords) 

Pumpkins 小南瓜 – 稳中向好 (Xinxiang/Ruby Eyes Records)

Downstream Channel 下行通道 – 在校医院隔壁 (Guangdong/Self-Released)

The Claptraps – Merrygoround (Beijing/nugget records)

工工工 – The Last Note 最後的音符 (Angel Wei Remix) (Beijing/Wharf Cat Records)

Zimablue 芝麻布 – Stay Unique (Changsha/Enigma Records)

the Third Toe – 没有共产党就没有新中国 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

FALSUS 错象 – Queen (Hangzhou/Enigma Records)

Soul Bus 灵魂巴士 – 12:21 (Guangdong/Self-Released)

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