LiveChinaMusic Podcast E04 (Guest: Zuho)

After years of mixtapes, reviews, and gig recaps, Live China Music is finally getting behind the mic for a bimonthly podcast that hopes to explore the latest the music scene has to offer. Join hosts William Griffith and Yilu 伊璐 as they dive into the newest releases, shine a spotlight on emerging bands, and pick their favorite new tracks.

This week, we’ve got a rich collection of new music – covering everything from Xinjiang folk music to rockabilly. We’ll also be taking a look at the blossoming techno and house music scenes, checking in with the latest the ever-evolving singer-songwriter YEHAIYAHAN as well as the newest work from seasoned post rock vets Hualun before dipping into rock and roll’s newest punk bands (not afraid to wear their heart on their sleeves), before finally indulging in some of latest indie rock earworms. But first, we kick off today’s show with a special interview with Zuho – the young independent artist based here in Shanghai. His new release with Eating Music entitled ‘Sharp, Sharp’ just dropped a couple of weeks back and we were lucky enough to chat with him at Daily Vinyl on Shaoxing Road. 


1. zuho-it’s too sharp  | Eating Music 宜听音乐
2. zuho-在你说那些的时候  
3. zuho-it’s too white
4. zuho-it’s too much(to filled)
5. zuho-Pluviophile and Insomnia
6. Hualun 花伦乐队 – scene | self-released 独立发行
7. Yehaiyahan – Call Me From The Past | self-released 独立发行
8. AThree – 我 | AFSC
9. Brizzli – Frost | Ran Music 燃音乐
10. Shanghai Ultra – Xennial or Gen-X? | Volt Records
11. Whale Circus 鲸鱼马戏团 – 恰拉曼,昂莱曼 | Stallion 战马时代
12. Bennu is a Heron – 所谓苍鹭 | Qiii Snacks Records 琪琪音像
13. Plastic 塑料乐队- Sadness is a Universal Emotion 悲伤只是一种普遍的情绪 | Maybe Mars 兵马司唱片
14. Schoolgirl byebye – 西西弗斯 | Ruby Eyes 赤瞳音乐
15. Rolling Bowling旋转保龄 – City 城 | Modern Sky 摩登天空收起全文

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