LiveChinaMusic Podcast E03 (Guest: Railway Suicide Train)


1. Default 缺省 – Can You Hear The Whistle Blow? (SJ Records 生煎唱片)

2. Tidal Pool Blue 潮池蓝 – Can The Sun Be Blue? 太阳可以是蓝色吗 (讯飞音乐)

3. Wang Wen 惘闻 – 假若明天来临 (Space Circle)

4. Railway Suicide Train Interview 卧轨的火车采访 ( Ruby Eyes Records 赤瞳音乐)

5. Scintii – Times New Roman (Houndstooth UK)

6. SwagKelly & CHOCKEY – MERMAID (MINTANG Records 明堂唱片)

7. MICE – Purification 净化(FunctionLab)

8. Howie Lee – 干涸流 (Maloca Records Belgium)

9. Mamer 马木尔- Daidiydao (Old Heaven 旧天堂)

10. Dolphy Kick Bebop – Some Thoughts on Nothingness(WV Sorcerer 巫唱片)

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