LiveChinaMusic Podcast E02 (Guest: Sleeping Dogs)

On Episode 2, Will and Yilu take a look at the Shanghai electronic scene and the labels making waves not only here but across the globe, including the latest from SVBKVLT and Genome. We also highlight some of the bands and artists keeping punk invigorated here in China. We’ll be dipping our toes into the latest tracks causing a stir in the R&B and hip-hop scenes. And finally, we get loud with some of the indie scene’s newest releases. This week’s special interview is with none other than Zichao Li, the drummer of Beijing’s grooviest band – Sleeping Dogs. 

我们围绕上海地下电子音乐All为中心诞生的两张专辑开始今天的节目。Will播放一些朋克党最近的躁动之后,伊璐分享一些温柔的R&B。本期的采访嘉宾是就在上上周发行了7寸EP的Sleeping Dogs 睡狗,鼓手李子超收到脏手指的邀请来到了上海,我们在 在永嘉路的melting pop办公室里和他聊了会天。


Charity Ssb & Swimful – Plastic Organ (Shanghai 上海/Genome 6.66Mbp)
Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – Aphids (Shanghai 上海 x Berlin柏林/SVBKVLT)
Underdog败犬乐队 – 魔鬼的声音 (Beijing 北京/Ruby Eyes Records赤瞳音乐)
GuanXiaotian 管啸天 – 单身派对 (Shanghai 上海/Self-Released独立发行)
Sleeping Dogs 睡狗 – The Sun Palace (Beijing 北京/Spacefruity Records)
LINION & 雷警 – MOUNTAIN DUDE (Taipei 台北/StreetVoice街声)
Major Yao 李丁丁 – 你是我的 (Chengdu 成都/MINTONE Records明堂唱片)
RUBUR – Circular Ward (Shanghai 上海/Ruby Eyes Records赤瞳音乐)
Birdstriking 鸟撞 – Love of Nightmare 爱之梦魔 (Beijing 北京/Maybe Mars兵马司唱片)

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