LiveChinaMusic Podcast E01 (Guest: YouCeHeLiu)

After years of mixtapes, reviews, and gig recaps, Live China Music is finally getting behind the mic for a bimonthly podcast that hopes to explores the latest that music scene has to offer. Join hosts William Griffith and Yilu 伊璐 as they dive into the newest releases, shine a spotlight on emerging bands, and pick their favorite new tracks. 

经过多年的音乐合集、评论和现场演出回顾等内容的输出后,Live China Music终于推出了自己的播客,来专注最新独立音乐作品。主持人 William Griffith和伊璐挖掘最新发行、采访年轻的乐队,一起聆听他们的头好新曲吧!

Episode 1: For our debut episode Will and Yilu share their favorite albums of the year so far, talk about The Big Band and some of the seasoned acts making a splash on the hit TV show, and dig up the latest tracks in the jazz, hip-hop and electronic scenes. Plus, we talk to rising indie pop math rockers YouCeHeLiu 右侧合流, out of Huizhou, about their new EP!



1.Hiperson海朋森 – I Am in A Period of Desperation我进入了绝望的时期
2.Railway Suicide Train卧轨的火车 – JL Mountain 另一座山
3.Wutiaoren 五条人- Drunk Dog 食醉狗
4.Carsick Cars晕车的车 -Wake Me Up 叫醒我
5.右侧合流 YouCeHeLiu- In the Twists and Turns 弯弯曲曲(Interview 采访)
6.右侧合流 YouCeHeLiu – Concept of Home 家的概念
7.Itsogoo – 爱之运动
8.Li Shihai 李世海 – Winter Vacation 寒假
9.Sourtower 酸塔 -Purple Night
10.iimmune- 大有在2020
11. West by West 西偏西 – 欢迎光临 Desperate Invitation

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