LBM\’s Guide To Festival Frenzy


It’s not even May 1st – I’m already tired of these festivals – seriously getting old over here. Strawberry, MIDI – so many choices. It’s a circus out there folks, so before everyone pulls out the knives and begins taking sides, know this: it’s convenient to get to both places, there’s good music at both, and whether or not one has more ‘street cred’ or is swamped with ‘hipsters’ doesn’t matter at the end of the day as long as you’re having a good time with your friends and are listening to good tunes (and are loaded). Oh, and if anyone has any tickets for me, that’d be great. Hehe. Well, here’s my usual MO for these sorts of things – LBM’s Guide to Festival Frenzy!!

Getting There (hat tip to Timeout)



  1. Shuttle

i.     Midi is offering a shuttle bus that departs from Anheqiao subway station (the northern terminus on Line 4) between 10am and 3pm. Simply go out of Exit C, walk to the bridge nearby, buy a ticket for 10RMB and take the 40-50 minute ride to the festival grounds.


ii.     To return you can either catch the shuttle back to Anheqiao station between 8pm and 9.40pm for another 10RMB. Alternatively you can catch a shuttle that stops at the Summer Palace, Peking University, Zhongguancun and Renmin University between 10pm and 11.30pm for 15RMB. The latest any act finishes over the three days is at 10pm, so this should leave you with plenty of time to catch the shuttle bus after the show has finished.


  1. Bus

i.     Take Line 4 to Beigongmen station. From Exit D, walk west 170 metres to the bus stop. There catch bus number 346, ride for 13 stops and you\’ll find yourself just east of the resort.

  1. Taxi

i.     You can ask your taxi driver to take you to 1 Nan Anhe Lu in Sujiatou town, Haidian district (苏家坨镇南安河路1号).

B) Strawberry

  1.  From Tongzhou Beijyuan

i.      Take line 1 to Tongzhou Beiyuan (通州北苑), then get out at Exit A and walk north to the crossroads, then east onto Xinhua Xijie (新华西街). Walk until you find the bus stop for 322 or 342, which you can take east to Dongguan Daqiao. Supposedly there is also a Strawberry shuttle bus outside the subway station to Dongguan Daqiao

  1. Bus

i.     Take line 1 to to Guomao stop and then take bus 938 (route 9), 667 or 808 to Dongguan Daqiao.

C) Note

  1. Strawberry traffic will suck donkey balls – expect thirty minute getting from subway to the actual area


Sneaking in Contraband

Because fuck paying 20 RMB plus for the whole day and I’m sick of hearing people complain about not having booze 

1)   Bring as much liquor you can fit

  1. Strap you close to your junk cause trust me no one want’s to go near your junk
  2. Bring a flea or sweater and put two bottles along your left and right wrists whilst holding your sleeve with your fingers so that when you left your arms your liquor will above the ‘pat down’
  3. Plastic bottles always work better

2)   Beer Bag

  1. This is a two-three person operation and you need one or two people on the inside
  2. Throw a duffle bag over the fence in a not so crowded area
  3. Guards will see you but eight times out of ten they do want to deal with the hassle and will pretend not to notice

3)   MIDI has cheap beer and someone at Strawberry will eventually begin selling Turborg cans or whatever out of a bag on the cheap when they run out (cause Strawberry is lame like that)

4)   Water is just as important to sneak in so make sure you’ve got some too

5) Take souvenirs on your way out (i.e. signs, signs, and signs)


My Picks

many bands viewing pleasure, but here’s my plan of action which’ll unravel moments after entering the premises


1)   MIDI Day 1

  1. It’s 2 o clock bitches, run over to the Mini-Song Stage and catch The Big Wave cause these kids are the next big thing
  2. You’ve got time to chill so wander around scoping out the area, taste the rockabilly at the Un-Tang Stage and then dabble in the intense energy of Aussie group The Bennies and Danish duo Broke (if they haven’t been booked from the bill yet cause MIDI is on a rampage cancelling any band who didn’t play in the rain over in Shanghai)
  3. Set up base at Un-Tang Stage cause you’re gonna wanna hang here for a bit – get a blanket and get your party on: spliff for Dawanggang, a line for Queen Sea Big Shark, and pure sweat and tears for Yaksa – a buddy of mine is bringing in thousands upon thousands of fake yuan, to be released during this set, so be prepared
  4. Shit, is Nova Heart still on? Catch them close over at Mini-Song Stage
  5. Uh-Oh, that mystery pill is kicking in – run over to the electronic stage for some heavy bass
  6. None for some serious rock and roll – close with  the epicness of XTX – still there, good job – god home and get some rest

2)   Strawberry Day 2

  1. Whao, you made it on time? Bravo – how about a little post punk to start your day – The Fallacy at the Q-Sate little Stage
  2. Jump over to the Sina Music Stage for some soothing post rock tunes courtesy of Hualun
  3. Catch your bearings, scope out some high skirts and bask in the fashion and own that shitty Hawaiian shirt your wearing
  4. Enjoy reggae from Longshendao atop the Strawberry Stage hill – but don’t give in completely as it’s time to get front and center for noise rockers Hedgehog at the Love Stage – prepare for some good ol crowd surfing
  5. Swing over to Sina Stage and see if Snapline minimalist post punk translates well to the big stage – maybe that acid will come in handy
  6. Set up base at the Strawberry Stage for the one-two punch of ReTros and Second Hand Rose (though SUBS over yonder is tempting me the whole time) cause shit is getting rowdy now
  7. Run over and join Hanggai’s ‘drinking song’ and finish the last of your beer
  8. Tempt yourself to the metal stage – if you can cut it stick around, if not maybe the electronic stage will prove to be a fine enough nightcap

3)   Figure it out yourself kids!!! Enjoy!!! 


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