LBM\’s Best of 2012: Songs of the Year Part 2

Top Songs of the Year Part 2
Part 2 of songs I got hooked on this year…songs that found their way into my earbuds on constant replay, and still manage to creak a smile each time. Enjoy

Ethereal – Nova Heart

Just No – The Planets

Nous Avons De La Chance – Brain Failure

La Lasta’ – Skip Skip Ben Ben

Silver – white +

Vibrant Poetry - Li Dong

Hundreds Feet of Cooper Mouth 十丈铜嘴 - Nine Treasures

Never Sever – X is Y

Scorpion - WHAI

Choose Whatever You Want All The Time - Hedgehog

Fast Eddy – Low Bow

朋友再见 – Rolling Bowling

Part of Solution – Snapline

Stupid Heart 梵心 – Jia Huizhen

A surgeon at a hospital in Shanghai severed a nerve in my groin – Pairs

Refute 辩驳 – Chui Wan

War Horse – Tengger Cavalry

Nathan Ave. – Dwaas

Hate Me? You Old! - Birdstriking

Distance – thruoutin

Chicago – Casino Demon

Into The Light – Pet Conspiracy

Flying Free 自由的飞扬 – Jia Huizhen

Eighteen Shakes – Pairs

Song For Her 她的歌 - Dear Eloise

Modern China is Too Complicated – Dead J

Double Vision – Glow Curve

Love Will Lost Your Love – The Gar

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