LBM\’s Best of 2012: Songs of the Year Part 1

Top Songs of the Year Part One
Pretty self explanatory – I’ve listened to these songs on repeat like a junkie – songs that came out this year though I might have accidentally included a couple late 2011 releases and might have even gone over fifty – whoopee friggin do. These are my jams. Here’s part one – because linking thirty soundcloud or youkus videos takes up a mighty amount of space.

送春 – Residence A

Viva Murder – Re-Tros

Beihai 北海 – Perpetual Motion Machine

TV at 7pm - Birdstriking

堕落 – Rolling Bowling

red – white +

NNYYY – Skip Skip Ben Ben

Rainy Day - Li Dong

Heart on Fire - Hedgehog

My Song 9 – Nova Heart

Zhangzizhong – thruoutin

Flu – Snapline

Train 火车 - The Gar

Bling Bling Bling – Queen Sea Big Shark

Ladder 阶梯 – Jia Huizhen

Hotel – Pairs

Don’t Panic – Pet Conspiracy

The Gathering of Fools – Rainbow Danger Club

Happy & Triste - WHAI

Han\’Xin Temple 寒心寺 - Sparrow

Surf with Sharks - Hedgehog

Magpie - Birdstriking

Childhood – Casino Demon

Snortin Clorox (thruoutin remix) – Friend or Foe

Parking – Skip Skip Ben Ben

玻璃杯 – Perpetual Motion Machine

Be OK – Brain Failure

The Stranger 陌生人 - Dear Eloise

Throw the Block – Mr. Graceless

第101个路灯 – Residence A

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