LBM\’s Best of 2012: Bands/Artists of the Year

Top Acts Of The Year

These are the bands or artist who I went out of my way countless times to see, cause they simply never put on a bad show. These are the most consistent bands in town, the bands I show off to new Beijingers, and bands I will gladly throw the camera aside for just so I can move my ass. Click on the names to see my extensive coverage and ass kissing of these bands.


Skip Skip Ben Ben

Residence A

Li Dong

Perpetual Motion Machine


Rolling Bowling



Ten New Favorites

These are the bands who impressed the hell out of me, once or twice, who I’ll be following closely in the next year. Expect big things out of these music makers. They are about to be on some new level shit.

The Planets

Tengger Cavalry

Alpine Decline


Glow Curve

Nova Heart

Low Bow

Deadly Cradle Death



Don’t forget to click on the names to link to their videos and photos. Stay tuned for more best of.

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