LBM Tutorial 1: Dabao LBM Google Calendar on your Smartphone

In this tutorial, we will learn how to hook up LBM calendar to your smartphone, you\’ll be able to check out offline what\’s going on tonight. \"lbm_tuto_calendar-01\" \"lbm_tuto_calendar-02\" \"lbm_tuto_calendar-03\" \"lbm_tuto_calendar-04\" \"lbm_tuto_calendar-05\"\"lbm_tuto_calendar-06\" Android Now that the LiveBeijingMusic calendar is synchronized to your account, let\’s see how to display it on your android phone 😉 Today\’s menu is Ice Cream, Apple Crisp will be on my \”Do It Tomorrow\” list. Assuming you already synced your google account to your android phone, click on the google calendar icon. \"Photo Click on your settings menu button.\"PhotoClick on the \”Calendars to display\” label \"PhotoCheck the box corresponding to \"Photo   You are set, click on the event to display more details \"PhotoLive your life \"Photo Feedbacks are welcome!

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