LBM Offline: Summer Blaze Fest (DDC 01.08.2015)


UPDATE: The most awesome meatball sub (and then some) restaurant in town – The Meatball Company – will be supplying the delicious goods to get all you hungry music goers full and ready to bust a move —- check out their website


Alright, tossing around the word willy nilly over here, but if you’ve been to Live Beijing Music’s previous two pairings with ‘venue of the year’ DDC, then you know things get quite festive. For Summer Blaze, we’re taking the season head on and are putting together a six-hour journey through the music scene’s most electrifying performers, both old and new. On the menu – no wave druggy hip hop duo Deadly Cradle Death, lush electro rock outfit Cassette, psych indie noise trio Gate to Otherside, breezy post rock groovers SNSOS, 90s shrouded alt rockers The Twenties, and fresh-faced grunge revisionists Jajatone. Not an ounce of fat on these kids. For appetizers, we’re gonna tap some of Beijing’s finest food vendors to keep those appetites going, and re-outfit DDC for the occasion. Hawaiian shirts always welcomed. We’re gonna cook up a storm of good vibes, stellar grooves, and summer loving. We might even throw in another wedding for old time sake.


What: Summer Blaze Fest

When: Saturday, August 1st 6pm-12pm

Where: DDC (14 Shanlao Hutong)


Deadly Cradle Death


Gate to Otherside

She Never Sings Our Songs


The Twenties

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