LBM Offline: Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 3 (School Bar 2017.07.01)

Live Beijing Music returns to School Bar for another round of Schoolhouse Rock – four bands with diverse sounds and backgrounds looking to cut loose and throw down. And have we got just the batch bringing the summer heat this evening with special guest of honor Foster Parents, out of Shanghai. The math rock duo have been riding a steady wave of acclaim since they quietly released their debut Grim which will be released by Guangzhou’s Qiii Snacks Records this month.  Playful, melodic, breezy yet instrumentally skillful and astute, Foster Parents are a worthy addition to the growing list of instrumental bands making their mark on music scene in China. Joining them will be Beijing’s own jangly post rock pleasers SNSOS (She Never Sings Our Songs) who despite their recent lineup changes are in total command of their sound all the while exploring new territory – sweet-natured compositions that entice and seduce the ears. The night also marks the return of Boiled Hippo, the bone-rattling outfit whose ‘deep, slow, noise-rock inspired shoegaze’ left a many Beijingers captivated before the band went on hiatus a year ago. The band has been hard at work in the rehearsal room for the past two months and they’re promising a completely new spin to their sound that I for one can’t wait to hear. Finally, we’ve tapped one of this year’s roaring successes, indie rock ruffians Backspace, whose noisy, guitar-driven ravenous melodies and frantic energy has been setting stages ablaze across town – don’t be surprised if they’re signed to a label by the end of the summer. A glorious way to give way to the scorcher of a month that is July!


时间/Time: Saturday, July 1st 9:00pm

2017年7月01日 21:00

门票/Ticket: 50 RMB (advance)/70 RMB (door)

50元(预售票) 70元(现场票)

地点/Venue: School Live Bar

地址/ADD: No.53 Wudaoying Hutong Dongcheng District Beijing


阵 容/Line up:

Foster Parents

Boiled Hippo



Foster Parents (Math Rock)

Math rock catnip outta Shanghai. Playful, melodic, breezy yet instrumentally skillful and astute, the duo are a worthy addition to the growing list of instrumental bands making their mark on music scene in China. The band wears its heart on its sleeve, pulling at those heartstrings while nimbly pulling at those guitar strings.

Foster Parents由两位生活在上海的外国乐手组建,以数学摇滚和后摇为基础,融入稍许流行元素。他们受到TTNG、Piglet、Maps & Atlases、Joan of Arc、ASIWYFA、Tera Melos等一系列独立摇滚乐队的影响,创作悦耳又极具现场感染力的音乐,并秉持DIY的精神。


She Never Sings Our Songs (后摇 Post-Rock)

SNSOS are rising instrumental post-rockers who suck you in with their tunes and take audiences on a scintillating journey for the ears each time they play.


We’re still outside the door.


Backspace (Indie Rock)

Jangly indie rock band Backspace has only been active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some traction, opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective, Nerd Noise — expect big things from these cats in 2017.

Backspace 乐队2016年7月成立于北京。四位成员均来自南方的一个小城市。三年前他们更多谈论的是摇滚乐前身,现在则投身于新的浪潮之中,从作品里可以听出Television, Joy Division, Franz Ferdinand, La Femme对乐队的影响,但创作中他们明白他们所想的表达内容和方式,不拘泥于固定的音乐风格。




自成立起,乐队就迅速在北京各地下现场音乐场景中活跃起来。同年,由杨海崧主持,加入独立集体Nerd Noise,并参与Nerd Noise青年噪音计划首张合辑。这些小伙子并非激进,对于乐队的发展,他们说,“认真,然后顺其自然。”

Boiled Hippo (Slowdive/Noise) 

Slowdive noise band that’s constantly evolving their sound – expect the unexpected.


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