LBM Offline: LBM Xmas Bash (DDC 23.12.2016)


Christmas comes early this year as Live Beijing Music and DDC team up for a special holiday treat – a pre-Christmas rager on Friday, December 23rd with a red hot lineup that’ll keep your toes nice and toasty, and your spirits high. With a lineup that includes bands on the brink of breaking out, one of 2016’s rookies of the year, a class act that’s been receiving praise for years, and a super secret guest band that we’ll slowly reveal before the big day – there’s something for everyone at this musical feast. First up, the big guns: Out of Control (OOC) have been rocking the circuit for over eight years with their infectious blend of hard rock, blues, and funk that’s earned them quite the diehard fan base – these boys have got swagger and the chops to back it up. Also: one of my top bands of the year, december3am, return to DDC with their hypnotic Inner Mongolian infused krautrock which has to be seen to be believed – two musicians simply at the top of their game going down some roads musically not often explored. Next: jangly indie rock band Backspace has only been active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some serious traction – opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective Nerd Noise — expect big things from these cats in 2017. Does hard Italian industrial electro rock get your blood flowing? Then best be ready for The Glamour Manifesto, a band originally from Venice who have toured all around the world, sharing the stage with such acts like The Virgins, The Chemical Brothers, and more. The Italian duo recently teamed up with Beijing-based Danish producer Jelly and look to elevate their game even further. Last but not least, our secret Santa band – a band us here at Live Beijing Music have been championing. A band that’s been hard at work the past couple months recording their much anticipated debut. A band that’s becoming a staple of the post rock scene —- well, you’ll just have to wait and see. Five bands, five styles – a rocking good time. The festivities will be accompanied by DDC’s infamous mulled wine and the venue will be decorated unlike anything else. Christmas only comes once a year, and whether or not you celebrate it – there’s no better excuse to go all out!

Date: Friday, December 23rd 12月23日 8pm
Where: DDC (Shanlao Hutong NO.14, Dongcheng District)

Ticket: 50/60 RMB (douban link/showstart link)




The Glamour Manifesto


+secret band

控制之外(OOC)已经成军八年多,他们的风格融合了硬摇滚,蓝调和放克,他们有许多死忠的粉丝是他们最坚强的后盾!还有LBM 的年度最佳乐队之一的december3am,带着他们融合了前卫摇滚的迷幻内蒙音乐回归DDC,必须亲自来见证这两个音乐家一直在音乐的道路上的不停探索。接下来是独立摇滚乐队Backspace从今年夏末的时候开始活跃,但这并没有阻止他们在音乐上的探索,中国开放的音乐环境下,由杨海松主持,并加入独立集体Nerd Noise,也期待在2017有更大的进步。如果硬意大利工业电子摇滚让你的血液流动?那最好为The Glamour Manifesto做好准备,这是一个来自威尼斯的乐队,他们在世界各地巡回演出,与The Virgins,The Chemical Brothers等同台演出。这个意大利双人组最近与驻京的丹麦制片人Jelly合作来进一步提升他们的作品。最后,我们的圣诞秘密乐队也是Live Beijing Music最一流的乐队。他们在过去几个月里一直努力准备他们的首次亮相。他们势必会成为后摇里的中坚力量。



OOC控制之外(Hard Rock/Blues/Funk)

Different from your typical rock band – OOC (Out Of Control) is powerful and have their own style of rock band, their music and personality are amazing, like Skid Row with Guns N Roses. Formed in 2008, they began to do his own music. Published the first album of the individual \”look on coldly distance\” after twelve years in 2012 .




Vocal: Liuxingke

Guitar: Fengchong

Keyboard : Guosusite

Bass: Huangyong

Drum : Wangyong




The Glamour Manifesto (Industrial Electro Rock)


The Glamour Manifesto is an Italian electronic-rock band from Jesolo, Venice formed in 2006. The band consists of Armen Simonpour (lead vocals, guitar) and Mattia Cecchetto (drums, percussion, programs). In 2016 they teamed up with Danish music producer, Jonas \’Jelly\’ Soendberg (keys, backing). After releasing the first single \”Hide and Eat\” it became an immediate success and immensely popular on online forums and music sites. They signed with UK based label \”Ear Candy Music\” in 2008 and Japanese label \”IN N OUT Records\” in 2009. Glamour Manifesto released their first self titled debut album \”The Glamour Manifesto\” in 2009. The band has since performed all around Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Japan.They shared the stage with notable djs and bands including: The Virgins, The Chemical Brothers, Subsonica, Helia, Jeffree Star, Linea 77, Gain On Top, Velvet, Vanilla Sky.And also appeared on MTV TRL, MTV UK, and many other tv music programs.


december3am (Inner-Mongolia, Ambient Rock/Post-Rock)

Broadening the shape and boundaries of the duo’s previous band, Inner Mongolian folk rock outfit Horse Radio, the drums-guitar duo that makes up december3am plays in the realm of post rock and experimental krautrock forming a sound that’s unlike anything else.


这个由Horse Radio“走马电台”前成员达莱和老杜组成的二人乐队,将自己的风格称为“后后前摇”。

那时候北京的民谣摇滚风头正劲,Horse Radio从中脱颖而出,为蒙古音乐注入了一剂忧郁质朴的清新暖流。首张专辑《走马电台》便显示出他们打破既定音乐形式的野心,《蓝色故乡》和《乌鸦》里,他们加入民谣中不常见的叮当声和弱拍,动人的旋律下藏匿着炽热、浓烈的情绪表达。

December3am像是不插电的Horse Radio. 这种“不插电”并非指声音上的效果,而是从民谣摇滚的风格范式来讲,December3am的实验性极大拓宽了流派的范围和界限。


Backspace (Indie Rock/Noise Rock)

Jangly indie rock band Backspace has only been active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some traction, opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective, Nerd Noise — expect big things from these cats in 2017.


voices /guitar:郑冬冬 guitar:地瓜 drum:毛特 bass:施力轩






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