LBM Offline: LBM End of Year Rager (30.12.2016 Hot Cat Club)


It’s been a crazy 2016 boys and girls, and while many of us are still reeling from what the this year brought us, we here at LiveBeijingMusic have decided to end out with a bang – one last rager before the New Year; one last woorah before the shitstorm starts all over again – the LBM End of Year Rager at Hot Cat Club on Friday, December 30th . And we’ve gathered quite the wild bunch – an assortment of artists, bands, and characters with very different ideas of music. First up, we’re lucky to host two out of towners – Wuhan post punk outfit Panic Worm, whose lo-fi and dangerously charming allure with surely get the kids tapping their feet. We’re also honored to welcome Dali-based noise artist USISI (Li Xuan) – a member of the ever-growing NOJIJI crew, who’ll likely give a mind melting guitar solo. On top of that we’ve tapped three new Beijing based bands who have already made some noise in the latter half of 2016 and and looking to take the New Year head on. Power pop punk outfit The Sino Hearts may be new to Beijing, but the band has been honing their sound since they formed in 2014 in Vienna under its band leader Zhong, who has played in various Austrian bands including Deecracks – with a sound heavily influenced by the early days of punk (i.e The Boys, The Blue Hearts) they’re a blast of new old school. Joining them are jangly indie rock band Backspace, who’ve been only active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some serious traction – opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective Nerd Noise. Finally, The Dice! – if anyone was year a few years back, these boys were the real deal. After a stint down south, the band has returned to Beijing in a duo format, mining the space rock genre for all its worth and conjuring up intoxicating guitar-driven soundscapes. That’s a stacked card folks! And a hell of a way to kiss 2016 goodbye! So join us at the Hot Cat Club on Fangjia Hutong – it’s gonna be a wild one.


Date: Friday, December 30th 12月30日 9pm

Where: Hot Cat Club (Fangjia Hutong)

Ticket: FREE


Panic Worm


The Dice!

The Sino Hearts




PANIC WORM (Wuhan post punk)




Panic Worm is what happens when you get five young art students wanting to make a load of noise. Directly influenced by post-punk with a lo-fi edge, some might say they\’re the offspring of the once thriving Wuhan punk scene. On stage, the singer has the swagger of Mark E. Smith, whilst the rest of the band can go from loose to tight pending on the situation. You can also expect images of classic 80\’s horror films projected in the backdrop, all this is what makes them frighteningly fun to watch live. For fans of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, JAMC, The Fall….Panic Worm don’t make music to please anybody but themselves!


USISI (Yunnan noise)



关于”usisi”:流动野音、潮湿的泥土和石头 青苔 露气 源源不断的是重力、往上 夜空光束 拉射 两级无尽的瞬间传导。


Born in 1989, Li Xuan, a Three Gorges native who now lives in Yunnan. Always move around the wild field and play music. Usisi is his personal project code name.

‘The wet soil and rocks,moss,dew,a steady flow of thing is gravity. Upslope, the night sky beam, tensile and shoot, that\’s the endless instantaneous conduction between two poles. Late night slowcore guitar in the streets noise freely in the lonesome wilderness.’


Backspace (Jangly Indie Rock)


Jangly indie rock band Backspace has only been active since late this summer, but that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some traction, opening for bands across China, recording with the one and only Yang Haisong, and joining underground indie collective, Nerd Noise — expect big things from these cats in 2017.


voices /guitar:郑冬冬 guitar:地瓜 drum:毛特 bass:施力轩












The Sino Hearts (power pop punk)


The Sino Heart are an Austrian/Chinese Power Pop group formed by Zhong in Vienna 2014,who previously being involved in Viennese Punk Bands :Frankenstyle, Deecracks, Maltschicks Molodoi, 2nd Class Substitutes.


2014 NYC based Real Punk Radio played their first single \”Terminal Crisis\” and over the last 2 years the band have toured in Austria,Hungary,Germany and have been opening for bands like The Cry(US), Mandates,Mother\’s Children(CAN),Piss Test(US),The Riots(Rus),Ajinai(CN),Prowlers(CAN)

Musically they are heavily influenced by early Punk Rock or RNR bands like the Boys, the Barracudas, Buzzcocks,the Blue Hearts(JP), Registrators(JP), Joyside(CN),Real Kids, Ramones, Purple Hearts, Modernettes ect.

On the inheritance of classic rock\’n roll beat the sino hearts are more intended to brand a \”new-old school\” Sound.

THE SINO HEARTS(译中国心或赛诺之心)乐队2014年成立于奥地利维也纳,由前奥地利77朋克乐队FRANKENSTYLE 和 雷蒙斯乐队DEECRACKS前成员钟无力组建并担当创作以及主唱,由于音乐上深受RAMONES,THE REAL KIDS,THE BOYS,BUZZCOCKS,FLAMIN’GROOVIE等结合了七十年代英式朋克以及六十年代利物浦BEAT, Power Pop,九十年代日式车库复兴等诸多元素令乐队与其他复古流行乐队区别开来。2016年钟无力回国发展后对乐队人员进行了调整,担当过波特兰The Cry以及车库朋克Piss Test,加拿大The Mandates,Mother\’s Children 以及The Mandates,俄罗斯摩登团The Riots,澳大利亚朋克乐队The Prowlers,匈牙利朋克乐队THE DERKOVBOIS,中国牙龈出血,生命之饼巡演嘉宾,多次在奥地利,德国,匈牙利,捷克以及中国巡演。




The Dice! (space rock)


The Dice! is a noise rock duo from Beijing.

The Dice!来自北京的空间噪音二人组合

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