LBM Offline: Horse Radio, Perpetual Motion Machine Xmas Bash (26.12.2015)


While we take a step back and begin plotting our next moves for 2016, LBM decided to give this year one final rocking evening to remember. And tis the season for giving, so for this post-Christmas night, Saturday, December 26th at Temple, we\’re gonna give you two performances that\’ll keep you toasty and satisfied – Inner Mongolians rookies of the year, Horse Radio, who conjure up the sounds of the grasslands and then some and are a band that delivers on all fronts and isn\’t afraid to dip their toes into other genres – serious talent who are turning into a crowd favorite. They will be joined by one of Beijing\’s most underrated bands, Perpetual Motion Machine, whose traditional Chinese rock revisionism has kept folks enthralled and full for years. Sounds unique to China that will keep spirits high, and the beer flowing. Mark your calendars, casue it\’s gonna be a good one!!!!!!!


What: LBM Post-Christmas Bash

When: Saturday, December 26th

Where: Temple (206 Gulou DongDajie)


Horse Radio

Perpetual Motion Machine



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