LBM Offline: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 3


Third time’s the charm! The Gulou Double Decker, the Long Island Ice Tea of musical mayhem – a coinciding double feature matinee of otherworldly electronic music and raw rock and roll from the Dada and Temple, the most godliest (i.e. abhorrent) of venues returns this Thursday, April 16th to kick start your weekend early. Bring your Kleenex, cause it’s gonna get emotional. Downstairs, pbr invites Tongzhou\’s infamous NOJIJI crew — proprietors of the long-gone but dearly remembered noise mecca RAYING TEMPLE — to take over Dada for a night with live/dj sets from Muren (Inner Mongolian producer & DJ), iimmune, Dee & Doubao (violent dj duo), Dizzy Barrels (Dizzy Di + Aming, noise hop), and DJ KILL (Mafeisan\’s Yangyang). Meanwhile, upstairs at the Temple (of the dynasties of depravity) LBM invites a trio of up and comers who can turning heads left and right, including milk loving instrumental math rock outfit Mammals, hard working indie rockers The Eat, and cool as ice post punk trio Lonely Leary. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve invited baller French experimental bass soloist Maxime Petit to teach as bassists a thing or two. Stacked indeed – just how I like my double deckers. Like my mom always said, no shame no gain! Hat tip to my colleague George for the poster – the things you discover during a coffee break I tell ya!

What: Gulou Double Decker Vol. 3


When: Thursday, April 16th


Where: Temple/Dada




The Eat

Lonely Leary

Maxime Petit




Dee & Doubao

Dizzy Barrels


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