LBM Offline: Autumn Harvest Fest (DDC 9月3日)


Summer is just about over and it’s time to bring in this year’s fresh harvest – and Live Beijing Music and DDC have reaped and prepared some of this year’s hottest new acts, as well as a couple old favorites to welcome in the autumn with a rocking good show – LBM presents Autumn Harvest Fest. On board we have established punk stalwarts Gum Bleed, known for their rallying calls and take downs of society – a must see live act for any Beijinger. Also on the bill, are visiting post rock outfit Spin Axis, making the trip from Shijiazhuang, whose full-bodied, gut-busting brand of post rock has made them a band to look out for. Fresh on the scene this year are shoegaze psychedelic rockers Last Goodbye, who despite having less than a dozen shows under their belt, have proved themselves worthy – expect to be hearing about these kids a lot in the upcoming year. One of the year\’s hottest acts, math rock instrumentalists Rhonda, join as well bringing their kinetic, gut bursting sound to our ears. Finally, grunge revisonists JaJaTao, who just released their wonderfully realized debut, will bring their dark, atmospheric, and mesmerizing performance to the stage. It\’s a packed bill full of electric sounds, dreamy riffs, and manic energy – and the perfect way to kick off the Autumn season!!

Date: Saturday, September 3rd 9月3日 8pm
Where: DDC (Shanlao Hutong NO.14, Dongcheng District)

Ticket: 50/70 RMB (link)


Spin Axis

Gum Bleed

Last Goodbye



夏天就要结束了,是时候收割新鲜果实了。Live Beijing Music和DDC已经备好了今年最火热的上等新货,以及一些老硬通货,用一场摇滚演出来迎接秋天的到来。登场的有朋克忠实拥虿牙龈出血Gum Bleed;来自石家庄的后摇乐队Spin Axis;今年华丽表现的自赏迷幻摇滚乐队Last Goodbye;今年十分火热的数学摇滚器乐摇滚乐队Rhonda;黑暗、迷人的Grunge乐队假假条Jajatao。有了以上他们,这将是一个充满梦幻的噪音以及狂躁的能量之夜!会是打开金秋的最佳方式!

Spin Axis (Shijiazhuang post rock)


An instrumental/post Rock band from Shijiazhuang, founded in the spring of 2013, whose music includes elements of math rock and psychedelic music. Spin Axis doesn\’t reject any possibilities, and keeps the beauty of sounds.

一支来自石家庄的器乐摇滚/后摇滚乐队,成立于2013年春,音乐表现方式主要受到了上世纪九十年代末晚期后摇滚浪潮运动的影响,并且融入了数学、迷幻等元素。他们擅长在迷离且富有层次的声场里架构属于自己的画面感。但与当下多数后摇滚乐队不同的是,Spin Axis几乎不排斥任何可能的元素,并且保持着应有的可听性。

Gum Bleed (Punk)


Gum Bleed is one of the youngest and most striking punk rock bands to emerge from the Beijing, China since 2006. With their energetic live performances and intelligent lyrics combined with fast and catchy music, they\’ve quickly won over the Chinese punk rock scene as well as the punk scene aboard. 

牙龈出血(Gum Bleed)乐队2006年组建于中国,活跃于国际朋克舞台。
作为中国最年轻和最具革命性的街头朋克,他们的音乐不仅继承了硬核朋克摇滚和oi音乐的风格,同样汲取了敲击金属与民族音乐的特点。一种新的中国制造的工人阶级之声来自牙龈出血。他们把朋克摇滚作为武器,并迅速成长为一支果敢年轻,执着坚毅的乐队。 他们用最狂躁的鼓点、最锋利的失真、最暴烈的怒吼,战斗在反抗金钱统治、阶级压迫、种族歧视的前线。朋克就是未来,希望寄托在青年身上。牙龈出血乐队期待着你的关注与呐喊

Last Goodbye (Psychedelic/Shoegaze)


Established just this past year, neo-psychedelic outfit, with more than a heavy dash of shoegaze, have been receiving stellar reviews from their live sets, even earning their opening slots for touring bands. Prepared to be surprised and perhaps find one of the year\’s hottest new acts.


JaJaTao (Grunge/Alt Rock/Trash)


Dark and alluring, haunting and beautiful, the grunge revisonists, who mix Chinese opera, folklore and musical flourishes into their work, are hell bent on igniting the rock and roll scene in China, and after their stellar debut (produced by one-time Radiohead producer Sean Slade) they just might.

共和国廿一世纪初叶诞生的另类摇滚乐队;音乐风格在地下朋克、白事曲调、垃圾摇滚、样板戏、儿歌之间难以界定;他们的歌大多描写了这个时代普遍男权的胜利与上个时代典型妇女的失败;表达了一种在发觉到人本身的存在及其被体制无限量化社会化等一系列亘古窘境后所感受到 的荒谬与不知所措。

Rhonda (Math Rock)


Red hot, multinational math rock outfit Rhonda continue chewing bubble gum and taking names with their instrumental punk/prog/math rock that will get you sweating.

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