LBM MV Exclusive: Mammals – Orca


There was a moment right before filming where we knew this was a bad idea. Cartons upon cartons of milk inside a fridge, just waiting to be manhandled by the wonderfully exciting (and extinct) instrumental rock boys Mammals. There was no way the apartment was going to make it out in one piece. Pretty sure there’s still milk embedded in the kitchen light fixture. And I have to hand it to everyone involved for keeping me on the verge of vomiting from start to finish. You truly are beautiful crazy sons of bitches. So here it is, in all it’s whole and half milk glory – the music video for \’Orca\’ off of Mammals\’ second (and last) EP release.


I haven’t touched a glass of milk since. Directed, filmed, and edited by Will Griffith and Graeme Nicol.

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