LBM Mixtape No. 89


Special edition of the LBM Mixtape – every band on this extra long mixtape (except Illness Sickness, who have morphed into Inxu) will be performing April 2nd and 3rd (Saturday and Sunday) at the Spring Re:lapse Music Festival (presented by Four Seasons Market and Live Beijing Music) at DDC!!!!

Cassette – 请你与我共跳一支华尔兹
Boiled Hippo – 楼
Streets Kill Strange Animals – 礼拜的日
Social Boar – Joseph Swan!!!
Illness Sickness – Love Her Please Forget Me
Wusuozai – 赌徒
Elenore – 无知
Children’s Cinema – 安早光阳
Me Guan Me – Offer Myself
SNSOS – Tundra

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