LBM Mixtape No. 81


Yang Fan – The Fly Flies (performs Jan. 1st Mao Livehouse)
The Molds – 荒野大嫖客 (performs Jan. 1st Mao Livehouse)
Illness Sickness – Anything But Post-Rock (performs Dec. 31st Yugong Yishan)
Long Shen Dao – Wrap You Up (performs Jan. 1st Yugong Yishan)
Gryphin – Jolly Roger (performs Dec. 31st Yugong Yishan)
Birdstriking – Magpie (performs Dec. 31st DDC)
Uncle Hu – Burning Candle (performs Dec. 30th 69 Cafe)
Sufisama – Lost  (performs Dec. 29th Modernsky Lab)

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