LBM Mixtape No. 79


Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen – 奇怪的陌生人 (Dec. 19th.Mako Livehouse)

SUBS – 10000 Arrows (Decemebr 18th. Mako Livehouse)

Suzi & The Paramecia – 星尘往事 (December 18th. Jianghu Bar)

16 mins – Mr. Twist (December 18th. Modernsky Lab)

Cat AIDS – Sugar Ape (December 20th. School)

The Power Powder – 回家的路 (December 18th. School)

Big John – 还是你厉害 (December 19th. Mako Livehouse)

Pacalolo – Big Brother (December 19th. Temple)

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