LBM Mixtape No. 214

Nouvelle – 受害者 (Guangzhou/StreetVoice x Dark Deer)

Tomorrow’s Salt 明天的盐-斑马 (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

The Fim 悬在雾中 – 高城山隧道 (Dalian/Self-Released)

Young & Dumb 甜又丧 – 我的忧愁大多数人都不在乎 (Xi’an/Self-Released)

der Berliner Nebel 柏林的雾-South 南国 (Ningbo/Self-Released)

Nerve Passenger – 促膝 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Panic Worm 惊虫 – New Medium (Wuhan/Ruby Eyes Records)

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  1. Hello, just saw your blog, it’s very cool!
    As a Chinese non-Beijinger who lives and studies in France, I’m happy to be here and discover Beijing’s indie acts.
    Keep up the good work, 加油!

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