LBM Mixtape No. 202


Rolling Bowling 旋转保龄 – 去大草原吧 (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Qi Zitan 祁紫檀 – 这世上美的事物总让人心碎 (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

Mr.Asbo,Soulspeak – Chocolate Lullaby (Beijing x USA/Cao Tai Records)

Mr. Turtle 海龟先生 – 热血新纪录 (Chengdu/Modern Sky)

Truetrue – Minerals (MacaoxUSA/Babel Records)

9oundcake & Cruel Buddhist – Treehouse Philosophy (Shanghai/Eating Music)

Slap 耳光乐队 – The Way You Are Supposed To Spend Your Life 人的一生应当怎样度过 (Beijing/StreetVoice)

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