LBM Mixtape No. 201



Pumpkins 小南瓜乐队 – You Paint My Purple Heart Blue (Xinxiang/Ruby Eyes Records)

The Sino Hearts – Long Vacation 悠长假期 (Beijing/DOG)

Wood Pushing Melon 木推瓜 – 泰山石敢当 (Part 1) (Beijing/Modern Sky)

Lamplighters – Sonneteer (Chongqing/Self-Released)

Jing 静 – Everlasting Ball 星尘舞会 (Suzhou/Self-Released)

JaJaTao 假假條 – Che Guevara 切剮剌 (Beijing/Self-Released) 

Baishui 白水 – Poor Man’s Love Poem 穷人的思愁 (Chengdu/Self-Releaed) 

Last Boss – Huge slabs for all your gas needs (Zhuhai/Self-Released)

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