LBM Mixtape No. 184


Low Bow – Ice Walker (Beijing/Jingweir)

Schoolgirl byebye – Jodorowsky’s Dune 佐杜洛夫斯基的沙丘 (Nanjing/Ruby Eye Records)

Shii – Bubble (Chengdu/Self-Released) 

Pavel 王愚 – 别人 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Elenore埃莉诺乐队 – Shine A Light 光芒万丈 (Beijing/Young Gun)

Return to Delicate Past 重返袖珍时光 – A Fistful Of Dollars 荒野大镖客 (Jiaozuo/So NiCE)

Buyi 布衣 – Beer Monster 啤酒怪兽 (Beijing/Self-Released)

Sucker – Ten Thousand Bottles of Beer 一万瓶啤酒 (Xi’an/Self-Released)

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