LBM Mixtape No. 182


ZHI16 – Sun (Beijing/Self-Released)

ChenChenChen 陈陈陈 – 嘴唇的皮 (Hangzhou/StreetVoice)

Mr.Trouble麻烦先生 – 天晓得 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

Lin Mo 林默 – 留春令 (Beijing/Qianyuan Film)

Nocturnes 曳取 – Any Kind of Mood 私人情绪 (Beijing/Cao Tai)

Nie Yu 聂禹 – 喝醉迈克 (Chengdu/TaiHe)

M . Du (Featuring Voision Xi & Cruel Buddhist) – Sound Of Me(ShanghaixHK/Eating Music)

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