LBM Mixtape No. 174


Spice 香料 – Leisure Pictorial 休闲画报 (Hangzhou/StreetVoice)

Peach Illusion 桃子假象 – 3:00 AM 凌晨三点钟 (Xiamen/Qiii Snacks Records)

Panic Worm 驚蟲 – Elusive Magic (Wuhan/Ruby Eyes Records)

Duck Trick 鸭听天 – 义乌情 (Yiwu/Space Fruity Records)

WestByWest – HuanXi 欢喜 (Xi’an/Self-Released)

JUNKS – Everybody’s Movin’ (Hangzhou/ModernSky)

Re-TROS – Red Rum Aviv (Xiu Xiu Remix)

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