LBM Mixtape No. 172


Naked Love 裸飞蛾 – Mountain 山 (Chengdu/Self-Released)

JahWahZoo – 海夕 (Chengdu/CaoTai)

JiaFeng 高嘉丰 – Ultimate Renai Circulation 终极炼爱循环 (Shanghai/Self-Released)

j-fever 小老虎  – 一个押韵压死一百个傻瓜 (Diamond Lil Remix) (Beijing/Self-Released)

Negative808 –  A Sudden Glance 惊鸿一瞥 (Beijing/Seippelabel)

Zean – They Used 2 Say (Shanghai/Babel Records)

Monster KaR – 如流水 (Guangzhou/Self-Released)

JaJaTao 假假條 – Lydian 黃鐘 (Beijing/Self-Released)

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