LBM Mixtape No. 153



Daytrip Dormancy – Celadon (Xiamen/self-released)

Trip Fuel – Let’s Catch The Sun Within 44 Beats And Fxxk It (Hefei/Nerd Noise)

Supermarket 超级市场 – siri (Beijing/ModernSky)

After Journey 艾福杰尼 (feat. BooM黄旭) – City Story 都市物语 (Beijing/Faxian Music)

Zean – No.5 (Shanghai/Push & Pull Records)

Shawee;mAjorHon – Find Myself 追寻自己 (Guangdong/Xiami)

Wanxiaoli 万晓利 – 你,来替我做个梦 (Beijing/self-released)

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