LBM Mixtape No. 146

THE 尺口MP – MILAJIANG (Fuzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)
Yue Xuan 岳璇 – Masse (Cvalda Remix) (BeijingxChengdu/MO Records)
Sardine is Back and the Wheel is Broken – Vanilla Godzilla (Radioactive Sushi) (Beijing/Self-Released)
Peace Hotel 和平饭店 – 失眠症(尝鲜版) (Hefei/Self Released)
Fishdoll 渔-Beijing Well (Beijing/Ran Music)
Dongzi 冬子 – 乌鸦与凤凰 (Beijing/Self-Released)
The Bedstars-We’re Gonna Ban Music (Country Teasers Cover) (Beijing/Self-Released)

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