LBM Mixtape No. 133

Practice of Floating – Sour Feather, Lonely Heather (Beijing/self-released)

Die!ChiwawaDie! – Thank You (Guangzhou/Genjing Records x Qiii Snacks Records) 

Agoraphobia 广场恐惧症 – 嘿,我们交往吧 (Beijing/self-released) 

LilAkin 阿克江 x VISUDY – Midnight (Urumqi/self-released)

33 – 哈哈乱撞 (Shanghai/playreclabel)

Li Xia 李夏 – 骄阳似我 (Beijing/Shangyi)

Stone Lion 石狮子 – 仅此而已 (Tianjin/self-released)

Truetrue – Feel Myself (Macao/USA/Babel Records)

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