LBM Mixtape No. 131

Nein or Gas Mus 無高潮 – 1st self record/untitled  (Guangzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)

Barnett 大猴仔 – Spend Your Time 花你的时间 (feat.陈冬妮) (Beijing/self-released)

ITSOGOO – 仪式即兴 (Beijing/StreetVoice/AllGoodMusic) 

Hielektroman – Lay Down (Beijing/Ran Music)

Nocturnes曳取 – We Will Change the Running Flow (Beijing/StreetVoice/CaoTai)

Yue Xuan 岳璇 – Walking (Beijing/MO Records/Ming Tang Records) 

FAZI 法兹 – 谎言中谎言 (Xi’an/Maybe Mars) 

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