LBM Mixtape No. 128

Penicillin 盘尼西林 – Sunlight Blazing Away The Cloudy Sky 拨云见日 (Beijing/StreetVoice) 

Perfect Handstand 完美倒立 – 白昼萤火 (Chongqing/欢唱网络)

Jaruco Punk – The Feeling (Beijing/Self-Released)

Nieyu 聂禹 – 赝品少年 (Chengdu/Self-Released) 

Ding Wei 丁薇 – Gypsy 流浪者 (Beijing/Cooking Vinyl)

Mekrop 细菌乐队 – PARXA SENEK 碎片 (Beijing/Badhead Records) 

Higher Brothers (feat. Keith Ape) – WeChat (Chengdu/StreetVoice) 

Life Awaits – Worst Intentions (Beijing/Self-Released)

Suzi Xu 苏紫旭 & The Paramecia – 莫衷一是 (Beijing/十三月文化)

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