LBM Mixtape No. 118

In case anyone was wondering, we won\’t be doing weekly mixtapes highlighting the upcoming weekend gigs in Beijing — from now on, we\’re strictly gonna be pimping out the newest music from across China…dig it and click on the links if you like what you hear 

GriffO 鬼否 – Afflatus (Hangzhou/Self-Released)

The Fallacy 医的小站 – Above the Neck, Below the Bridge (Xinxiang/Modern Sky Records)

Banana Tree 香蕉 – Duran Duran 杜瀾杜瀾 (Wuhan/Self-Released)树

Zaliva-D – Religion (Beijing/Do Hits!)

Lofimaker -长相思 (Beijing/Babel Records)

Heat Mark 热斑 -开心不起来(Beijing/Self-Released)

Mr. Graceless 不优雅先生 -隐藏地 (Beijing/Taihe Music)

THE 尺口MP -嘉蓮 (Fuzhou/Qiii Snacks Records)

Wu Tiao Ren五条人 – 很多很多 (Guangzhou/Modern Sky Records)

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